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LiteSpeed and CloudLinux: turbo up your website

On all our Linux servers we use Litespeed (LSWS Enterprise) a high-performance replacement for Apache, this allows users of our Web Hosting to have a faster, more stable and safer website (e.g. WordPress website, Joomla website, etc.). Thanks to the high quality software and hardware used, we are able to always guarantee very high performance, speed, stability and safety.


Below is an image with the comparison between Apache - Nginx and Litespeed Web Servers with Keep Alive disabled and enabled.

Cloud Linux with CageFS provides a safer and faster Web.Hosting environment thanks to a virtualized file system that is able to keep every user in your area, also with the PHP selector you can change the PHP Version and its extensions ( e.g. PHP Memory Limit, PHP file upload, PHP zip, etc)

The available versions of PHP start from 4.4 and arrive at 7.3.

Below is an image of the PHP selector on cPanel Hosting, if you don't know this panel you can test it: cPanel DEMO


LiteSpeed: metti il turbo al tuo sito web

cPanel DEMO

SERVER LITESPEED: frequently asked questions



What is LiteSpeed Server

LiteSpeed is a Web Server that offers high performance with high scalability and is a replacement of WebServers like Apache and Nginx 20 times faster. On all our Web Hosting we use LiteSpeed to make your website faster and more performing.



What is CloudLinux

CloudLinux is present on all our Linux Hosting, an operating system designed for Web Hosting as it allows you to isolate the instances on a LiteSpeed Server creating resource limits and allowing you to assign a certain amount of resources (Ram, number of processes and number connections) to each Hosting service. The license can also be purchased on Dedicated Servers, VPS SSD and Linux Cloud Hosting. See Hosting comparison



PHP Server

On all our PHP Servers it is possible to manage the PHP versions and relative PHP parameters directly from the best control panel on the market, cPanel Hosting. It is possible to do this thanks to CloudLinux CageFS present on all our Linux Hosting.



Hosting LiteSpeed WordPress

Our WordPress Hosting plans have been designed to make your site travel at supersonic speed, our Linux servers are of the latest generation and we use LiteSpeed which together with the CloudLinux operating system allows you to increase the performance and security of the WordPress site. 


All hard drives are in SSD while the hard drives installed on WordPress Hosting services are even more performing, because they are not only SSDs but they are NVMe SSDs, in this way compared to traditional SSDs the speed increases by about 7 times.


Find out why you should buy a Hosting WordPress on Xlogic



LiteSpeed Cache

On all our latest generation Linux servers, the LiteSpeed Cache (LSCache) plugin is configured automatically and free of charge on all websites, which allows you to significantly increase the speed and performance of your WordPress site and other CMS such as Magento, Joomla, Prestashop , OpenCart, Drupal, XenForo, Laravel.


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