Information and costs for the reactivation of expired domains

Find out how to reactivate an expired domain

Domini scaduti Xlogic Hosting


It is possible to reactivate an expired domain at a price higher than the normal renewal price.

The restoration costs are a mandatory penalty and depend on the Registrar, the cost varies according to the domain extension.
Xlogic Hosting will have to request the fee for unlocking if the domain is in the state of:

Redemption Period - Pending Delete - Quarantine (may vary depending on the TLD)




It is possible to check the status of the domain by making a Whois Domain, if you need more information you can consult this pagina!


Extension Recovery cost
.it .eu €20.00
.in .asia .co €75.00
.com .info .net .org .mobi .xyz .bz .website .design €90.00
biz .tv .wiki .me .club .guru .solutions €100.00
.mobi .cc .ws .pro .bar .gallery .photography .technology .today .photos .center .systems .management .zone .foundation €130.00
.press .email .watch .expert .tools .vision .discount .digital .land .media .care .webcam €150.00
.global .company .works .life .online .tech .services .domain .host .app €250.00
.college .rent .feedback .store €350.00
NB: Not all extensions are listed in this table, if the domain you are interested in is not present please contact us to find out the recovery price.


For information contact us using the form in the Support Area.

All prices shown are excluding VAT.




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